Supporters will be aware that Hereford County Council refused planning for this application on several grounds. However, we have always assumed that there will be an appeal to the Planning Inspector and we will update everyone shortly.

The application documents for Bage Court.

What has changed?

In fact, only two substantially new documents have been submitted. These are the Environmental Statement [ES] written by Ian Pick and the new Landscape Assessment [LVIA] written by Allan Moss associates.

What does this mean?

The development being proposed is just the same but it means that the timetable for handling the planning application has re-started. Everyone will be consulted again, including all of us, so we all have to submit our comments again. (So do the supporters)

What should I do?

The first thing to do is go to the HCC planning website, click on ‘Representations’, find your objection, open it and save a copy. Remind yourself what your objection was. Then make a fresh objection.

If you are not sure how to object or don’t know what to say, come to the next GVAG meeting which will be on Tuesday 31 March at 7.30 2015, at Dorstone Parish Hall.

The dates. Put these in your diaries:

March 25 7:30 Village Hall The parish Council will be deciding again on their recommendation for this application. Please come and make your views known.

March 31 7:30 Dorstone Parish Hall GVAG meeting - everyone welcome.

April 9 The end date for consultation. You have time to think about it, make some notes and draft your comments. You can object after 9 April but it may not be included in the planner’s report.

Planning Committee The website did say that the target date for determining this application would be 11July. For some reason this has reverted to last February 11. We will confirm the correct date when we know what it is but it should be after the elections in May.