Appeal is approved

The appellant has taken the Council’s decision to refuse planning at Bage Court to appeal.

For details of the appeal go to:

and on right hand side of the page: Relevant Documents, Appeal. It should be top of the list of the current 13 appeal documents.

If you have trouble with the above hyperlink, either cut and paste the address into explorer search or just go to the HCC planning page and put P143343/F into the planning application search and select the one result that comes up.

There is not very much new evidence put forward by the appellant. However, if what is said means that you want to add to or change your previous objection, you should let the Planning Inspector know. His details are:

Mr R Nash, Room3/09, The Planning Inspectorate, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol, BS1 6PN. Or you can email him at

The reference to use is APP/W/1850/W/15/3129896

Any communication has to be received by the inspector by 11 September. If you can only submit by letter, you need to send three copies.

Please do not contact the inspector if you have nothing new to say. He will have been given copies of all the representations already submitted to HCC

There will be a response to the statement of case from Herefordshire CC and on behalf of the GVAG, both of which will be published in due course on the planning portal at:

It is likely that the response from HCC will not be available for public inspection until after the submission deadline of 11 September.

Currently, decisions are taking approximately 2 months.