Appeal dismissed

Message from the Golden Valley Action Group concerning the proposed development of Chicken Broiler sheds at Bage Court.

The appeal against the decision by Herefordshire Council to refuse planning permission for two Poultry sheds at Bage Court has been dismissed by the Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to consider the case.

The Inspector fully supported the reasoning of Herefordshire Council and concluded that the proposed development would be at the expense of the environment as the scheme would detract from the landscape character of the area and its biodiversity, and it would also lead to deterioration in highway safety.

The Golden Valley Action Group would like to thank all members and others who took the time and trouble to write to Herefordshire Council and the Planning inspectorate to express their views on this scheme, in particular Tim Rogers for all his work in leading the GVAG efforts over the past twelve months.

GVAG will remain ‘live’ to ensure that the local community can continue to enhance and protect the wonderful environment of the Golden Valley.