In among the rolling hills of Herefordshire, the Golden Valley is one of the most arresting landscapes in Britain.

The Golden Valley is the valley of the River Dore, from the French d’or meaning of gold, it is likely that the name itself derives from the mispronunciation by the Normans of the word dwr (water), which sound a lot like d’or to the ear.  The word dwr can be traced back to the Neolithic period and we know that there has been settlement here since that period.

The valley stretches between the parishes of Dorstone, Peterchurch, Abbey Dore and Ewyas Harold in the southwest of the county of Herefordshire.  The area includes the electoral Wards of Golden Valley South and Golden Valley North.

Made up of predominately local people, living in or with strong links with this area, the Golden Valley Action Group (GVAG) formed to support regenerative development for the benefit of the environment, social wellbeing, and the local economy.  We have been active, in various forms, since 2007 promoting environmental good practices and opposing environmentally damaging practices in our locality. 

GVAG Actions

GVAG undertakes local initiatives and supports campaigns for protecting the environment, and initiate projects that test and create innovative ideas that support regenerative and sensitive developments.

We actively campaign to establish the Wye Valley as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which was first designated in 1950.  The Golden Valley area sits within the proposed boundary and having AONB status strengthens the case for increased protection of the natural habitat and the quintessential beauty.

We work with and provide support to individuals and local groups who wish to set up a project or campaign and who need expertise and facilities.  Through our Community Interest Company (CIC) status, as a legally registered non-profit making organisation, we can offer a registered fundraising legal structure, organisational and online support, a webpage,  and access to a bank account.  This support is offered free of charge for a limited time to help start up and grow local initiatives.