What we believe

1.       We fully support the need for a viable rural economy in general and a viable farming economy in particular and support farm diversification proposals provided they do not carry a significant negative impact (environmental, financial or otherwise) on the surrounding community, including other businesses.

2.       We will actively campaign in favour of new initiatives such as cycle tracks, the allocation of land for wildland conservation, the preservation of heritage sites, and more generally any initiative that expands biodiversity in the Golden Valley and beyond.

3.       We believe that tourism provides a viable economic input alongside an agricultural community, small scale tourist initiatives keep money circulating locally, to everyone’s benefit. 

4.       We acknowledge that climate change is an issue.  We will support and work with others in the Golden Valley and the wider Herefordshire community to reduce emissions, reuse and recycle our waste, and stop harmful industrial and agricultural practices. 

5.       We believe that the Golden Valley, and Herefordshire, is ideally suited to explore new forms of agroecology as part of farm diversification.