What we believe

  1. We will actively campaign to establish the Wye Valley as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) which was first designated in 1950. The Golden Valley area sits within the proposed boundary and having AONB status strengthens the case against any further planning applications for intensive livestock production.
  2. We fully support the need for a viable rural economy in general and a viable farming economy in particular.
  3. We understand and empathise with the financial difficulties that many of our farmers are facing, especially on smaller family-run farms.
  4. We are happy to support any farm diversification proposals provided they do not carry a significant negative impact (environmental, financial or otherwise) on the surrounding community, including other businesses.
  5. We will actively campaign against proposals for intensive rearing of chickens in large sheds where there will be tangible damage to our environment and property and negligible benefit to the community.