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LATEST NEWS :: January 2017

Appeal update

The current situation is that the Applicant and his Agent, having being asked by the planning officer at Herefordshire County Council to clarify several shortcomings in their application, decided that, rather than respond directly to the questions, would instead take the matter straight to Appeal. This Appeal is on the grounds of non-determination i.e. saying that the Council planning department were taking too long to come to a decision. 

GVAG has now submitted our extensive ‘Response to The Statement of Case' of the Applicant's Agent (Ian Pick Associates) and the documents that we have submitted can now be viewed on the council website here.

We now await the decision from the Planning Inspectorate in the coming weeks, hopefully before April, 2017.
Please check back for further updates on the Appeal and our response.

A new application for an egg production shed at Bage court, Dorstone.

This application for an egg production shed (76m X 19.5m and including the surrounding aprons more or less the same size as a football pitch) is in the same place as the previous proposed broiler sheds.  Although it is smaller, it still imposes many of the same issues regarding air and water pollution, recurrent smell, noise, extra traffic and unsightly landscaping costs to local communities.

Set among the rolling hills of west Herefordshire, the Golden Valley is one of the most arresting landscapes in Britain. But proposals to build two giant broiler-chicken sheds on a farm in the rural parish of Dorstone have raised fears that the valley could soon become dotted with industrial-sized bird factories.
— Tom Bawden, The Independent | Friday 22 May 2015

...Herefordshire, like other county councils in the region, scarcely seems to care. How many broiler units has it approved? Who knows? Searches by local people suggest 42 in the past 12 months. But in December the council claimed it has authorised 21 developments since 2000. This week it told me it has granted permission to 31 since 2010. It admits that it “has not produced any specific strategy for managing broiler unit development”. Nor has it assessed the cumulative impact of these factories. At Bage Court Farm, as elsewhere, the council has decided that no environmental impact assessment is needed.
— George Monbiot, The Guardian | May 19th 2015

We are a group of people living in and around the parish of Dorstone. 


We are concerned about the current application to build broiler units at Bage Court Farm, Dorstone, HR3 5SU at the head of the Golden Valley. We include local farming families and people who have lived here for more than 50 years as neighbours to this particular farm.


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